Tough on viruses and bacteria, gentle on everything else

Antimicrobial soaps and hand sanitizers are an important part of infection prevention measures, but the ingredients of these products need to be both safe and effective. That’s why Tork is introducing two new products: Tork Antimicrobial Hand Washing Liquid Soap and Tork Hand Sanitizing Alcohol-Free Foam. 100 % plant-based lactic acid, which is naturally occurring in the human body is used as the active ingredient. Being biodegradable, both products are effective against germs but gentle to the skin and help to secure the new hygiene standard.
The pandemic has highlighted the importance of hygiene and employees now have increased expectations on employers to help them feel safe in the workplace.1 Effective and consistent hand hygiene is an important strategy for promoting well-being and preventing illness. However, frequent hand disinfection and washing can lead to sore hands and skin health problems such as dermatitis. Especially in workplaces that require intensive hand hygiene, skin-friendly products are in demand. 
Tork is therefore expanding its range with two new antimicrobial products with a plant-based active ingredient that help companies and public institutions to meet their sustainability efforts and at the same time increase the well-being of their employees:
  • Tork Antimicrobial Hand Washing Liquid Soap
  • Tork Hand Sanitizing Alcohol-Free Foam
The new Tork Antimicrobial Hand Washing Liquid Soap is particularly skin-friendly and therefore ideal for frequent use. It is perfect for use in professional kitchens or food processing and meets the needs of professional chefs by helping to remove food fat - it is also suitable for all other work environments where an antimicrobial soap is desired. The soap is compatible with Tork dispensers.
The Tork Hand Sanitizing Alcohol-Free Foam shows excellent efficacy against bacteria and enveloped viruses. With its moisturizing formula, it is particularly gentle on the skin and therefore suitable for segments like social or educational institutions. The sanitizing foam is compatible with Tork dispensers.
Both new products use lactic acid as the active ingredient and are proven by EN standards to be effective against bacteria and enveloped viruses (EN1499, EN 1500 and EN144762). At the same time, they are dermatologically tested, and the sanitizer is shown to be moisturizing and gentle to skin whilst the soap is suitable for frequent use. 
In addition, the new antimicrobial, alcohol-free products from Tork offer companies the opportunity to show their commitment to sustainability with a 100 % plant-based active ingredient and formulas that are 100 % biodegradable. Thanks to their safety profiles the products carry no warning symbols, band therefore require no special handling making them easy to handle in storage and transportation.
The demand for skin-friendly, antimicrobial and sustainable hand hygiene products is increasing and Tork offers the perfect product combination to ensure the new standard of hygiene.
More information about the new skincare products from Tork: LINK
1 2020 Essity Essentials Initiative Survey of more than 15,000 respondents aged 16-85 years in 15 countries 
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